Every conveying scenario is different

Sometimes it is necessary to transport coarse-grained bulk material through rugged terrain from the quarry to the factory. Other times, hot material from a furnace cooler must be moved to the silo. And yet all scenarios have one thing in common:
The optimal and most economical conveying of materials will be delivered by Gecos GmbH – the German Conveying Solutions Provider.

Solutions for demanding tasks

Material and application determine the requirements of conveyor technology and thus also the choice of the ideal conveyor for the task.
Precise planning is therefore a prerequisite for the profitability of the installation as a whole. It ensures a permanently reliable and sustainable transport of materials.
This is all the more true the more demanding the bulk material is to be conveyed.

GECOS has worldwide experience in a wide variety of industries and sectors :

Cement – Lime & Gipsum – Metallurgy – Power Plants – Chemistry & Fertilizer – Minerals & Ores – Alternative Energy Sources – Ports & Loading – Process Optimization & Conversion


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