Bunker Discharge Machine – BDM

The task of the Bunker Discharge Machine (BDM) is to extract wet, cohesive, coarse or abrasive non free flowing bulk materials from bunkers, hoppers, bins, silos, stockpiles and
dome type storages. The arms of the Bunker Discharge Machine rotate and reclaim bulk material from the bunker shelf onto a conveying system. The BDM can travel automatically and selfpropel itself through a tunnel located under the stored bulk material. The rotating discharge arms convey the bulk material toward the opening in the center of the floor.

Bunker Discharge Machines are available in a variety of designs and configurations to meet many applications. The BDM’s discharge wheel has six logarithmic shaped discharge arms which guarantee consistent feeding of any bulk material. The arms are bolted to a hub which is connected by a shrink disk to the output shaft of the reducer. Discharge arms are lined with wear resistant liner plates designed to increase the life of the discharge arms.